佛道以慈悲爲懷,以揚善爲本,唯成德是崇。上可護持國度,下可濟民渡生。美國天佛寺(American Tianfo Temple)是聞思修法的道場,也是八方香客的精神家園。
美國天佛寺禅堂位于紐約八大道,是由國際禅宗佛教總會(International Zen Buddhism Association)募捐建成。爲紐約信衆提供了一個清淨道場。禅堂供奉有娑婆三聖,即釋迦摩尼佛,是佛教教主,是凡人成佛的化身。右邊是觀世音菩薩,是救苦救難有求必應的化身。左邊是地藏王菩薩,是陰間教主,也是孝子的化身。禅堂設有觀音靈籤,可供香客求籤解惑,功德隨喜。還可供長生祿位和往生蓮位。以祈福信衆,消災解厄,事事順利,和超度逝者,往生淨土。

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Address: 837 59th St # 6F, Brooklyn. NY 11220
Donation Name: American Tianfo temple

American Tianfo Temple
Buddhism and Zen take compassion as the cherished, the promotion of goodness as the foundation, and the only virtue is admiration. American Tianfo Temple is not only a place for learning and practicing, but also a spiritual home for pilgrims from all directions.

American Tianfo Temple was built by the International Zen Buddhism Association to provide a pure dojo for the believers in the New York community. The three saints of the world are enshrined in the temple. That is, Shakyamuni Buddha, the leader of Buddhism, is the embodiment of mortal Buddhahood. On the right is Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, who is the incarnation of responsiveness to help. On the left is the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, the leader of the underworld, the incarnation of a filial son. There is Kau Chim service in the temple. Kau Chim is also sometimes known as “The Oracle of Kuan Yin” in Buddhist traditions. Which can be used by believers to ask for signs to solve their doubts. The temple can also enshrine the spirit tablets of the deceased relatives to help them meet Amitabha. You can also enshrine yourself, or the spirit tablets of your living relatives and friends, pray for yourself and them, alleviate disasters, and everything will go well!

American Tianfo temple hopes to get more people’s support and donations from believers. Donations can be tax-deductible. We will use donations to expand the Buddhist temple so that more Buddhist believers can come in and worship. The names of the donors will be engraved in the Buddhist temple as a memorial. Blessed by the Lord Buddha, wish you all the best, good health, everything goes well, and peace of mind.

Address: 837 59th St # 6F, Brooklyn. NY 11220
Donation Name: American Tianfo temple


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